Our Professional Services

We are your business partner and support your business growth in Japan

How we create 360@Value
Every day,in all directions,we measure our success by the value we deliver for all stakeholders

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  • Market Research

    Providing Market research and new business star-up support in Japan

  • Sales Support

    Strategic Sales support (sales reinforcement support)

  • E2E Project management

    E2E project management from PoC to rollout execution

  • Local vendor management

    Comprehensive vendor management to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs

  • Recruitment

    Executive class global recruitment / Professional service

E2E Project management service

We will comprehensively handle from PoC until business launch in Japan Market

In order to reliably business launch and ensure profit, it is necessary to control End to End solution/service delivery - solution design, solution deployment, project scoping, project management, change request control to lift new opportunities to add-on sales.
We provide project type management scheme by our professional staff who have project / program management experiences both in Japan and overseas

  • Lead to initiate project scope of work agreement with your customer including schedule, role and responsibility, deliverables.

  • We will carry out the project within the target schedule and customer control by our professional bargaining power to meet client satisfaction

  • Visualize the progress of the project, measure costs and risk management, and reporting to the client.

  • Assign our staff to the project on-site activity in the customer date center, Japan

one-stop project management based on your business life cycle

  • Business
    life cycle
  • Business
  • Service Sales
  • Service Solution
  • Service Delivery
  • Hand-over to
  • Process KPI to improve performance

    Identify objectives for performance improvement and intended result(s)
    Understand alternative measures
    Select the right measurement(s) for each objective

  • Establish teams and roles for each objectives

    Review current team and roles and develop new team/role to execute objectives
    Assign employee to role and get agreement objectives owner, target

  • Business growth strategy

    mprove mature level of process and procedure execution
    Foster a performance culture