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  • Market Research

    Providing Market research and new business star-up support in Japan

  • Sales Support

    Strategic Sales support (sales reinforcement support)

  • E2E Project management

    E2E project management from PoC to rollout execution

  • Local vendor management

    Comprehensive vendor management to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs

  • Recruitment

    Executive class global recruitment / Professional service

Local vendor management

Comprehensive vendor management consulting service.
We will support to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs

Our comprehensive vendor management service
improves procurement and management function

  • Today it is common to outsource products and labor from external sources for the system implementation and operation in the telecom/IT business market.

  • However, the products and services in the market are diversifying steadily, it cases c

  • the workload for selecting vendors and products in the procurement department are also increasing dramatically

  • Vendor management is getting difficult to handle due to diversification of subcontractors in a company

    • I wander if the current vendor is the best for us?

    • Is the vendor cost worth to their actual performance?

    • It needs to consider if the current contract shall extend or cancell

  • Since increasing number of vendor contracts.
    • Too many meeting for vendor selection, negotiation and audit

    • It?fs hard to keep track responsible department and contract content.

    • We can not manage all contract management and quality management.

  • I would like to take actions
    • To improve vender?fs performance

    • Screening vendors and consolidate to number of vendors

    • optimum allocation of venders

  • Since outsourcing parties are diversifying now.
    • It?es hard to measure vender?fs performance

    • It?fs difficult to select right vendor

    • We can not evaluate the result of vendor?fs professional output

  • We consult management functions including negotiation with vendors.

  • Aggregating the functions that were previously managed separately by the procurement department and person in charge of the business department

  • Visualizing vendors information such as their strong field, performance, contract situation, price and discount rate etc.

  • Improving the vender management and resolve issues by using the vendors information effectively