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How we create 360@Value
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  • Market Research

    Providing Market research and new business star-up support in Japan

  • Sales Support

    Strategic Sales support (sales reinforcement support)

  • E2E Project management

    E2E project management from PoC to rollout execution

  • Local vendor management

    Comprehensive vendor management to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs

  • Recruitment

    Executive class global recruitment / Professional service

Recruiting Service

We address needs such as: "We want global staff who not only have language skills, but also excellent bilingual communication abilities, an understanding of our business, and global work ethic," or "We are searching for an executive or managerial candidate.h
With increased demand from our clients for dispatch and referral of consultant, project manager, coordinator who have bilingual and global culture skills with Japanese business understanding. We can refer a capable manager, program manager who could be a candidate for an executive or managerial position. We can also dispatch or refer talented personnel if you are looking to fill a position that requires strong global culture agility skill who can adjust gaps Japanese way to global culture way.
Our staff have global leader educations and excellent experiences in global company and can provide capabilities with your expected performance.

Fee-charging employee placement business license number: 14-Yu-300929

Translation Service Specialist of Technical document translation

  • GCes translations are not merely a conversion of languages. We express our experiences in technology business, and deliver qualified translation to convey apt quotations of technical explanation clearly.

  • Our translation service is provided by specialist who have back ground of technical engineer and technology manual creation in both of English and Japanese.

  • Technical documents are required the unification of coherent explanation between sentences. Our staff have technical skills for proofread, QC, DTP revise and provide the high quality for the documentation.

  • GCfs translations service provide appropriate proposal to meet customer requests such as delivery date, budget and words/documentation version management.