Business Start-up Support Service

Four success key factors to smooth business start-up

  1. Strategic marketing plan and execution by stakeholders in the management team
  2. Secure right resources who can be ready to think on their feet
  3. Strategic vendor selection and management
  4. Strong project management for on-time delivery and cost management to minimize cost

Our telecom/IOT specialist team is flexible to meet your requirement and provide full-support for your business start-up until business operation establishment.

Strategical Business Consulting Service
(Sales Enhancement Support)

IOT(Internet of Things) field is expected big growth business in every marketing, and new LTE standard has been commercialized from 2016.

As of today, Business speed is accelerated by the digitalization.
What success key factors to innovate by digitalization is well-planning based on IoT which working global level, and synchronizing toward technology shifting

We analyze global the highest solution and do drafting of the business, consulting, and also business development support.

Our end-to-end full support team provide services from consulting for customer business plan with IoT, up to execute PoC, project management to roll-out the solution in live environment and operating

  • Market Research

    Analyzing market situation in Japan Providing report and prototype plan proposal

  • Prototype project

    Full support to execute prototype project and promote in Japan

  • Business expansion

    Analyzing strategic business expansion and support sales to get customer in Japan

  • Resource recruit/dispatch

    Full Support to secure local resource by recruit or provide dispatch service

Project/Product Management

Effective project management capability is often one of the limiting factors to how fast an organization can adapt to change. Our experience building project management organizations and technology implementations that deliver value to customers and reduced risk for your organization will help get your organization on the road map to project leadership.

  • Assigning PMP certified or understanding staff , and set-up clear project scope, time plan and deliverables
  • Visualize project management status with measurable way for progress, cost, issues and risks
  • Strong leadership with professional negotiation to complete the project with client satisfactions.

End-to-End Vender Management Consulting Service

To handle Implementation and operation of telecommunication/IT/IOT systems, it becomes common today to purchase products and outsource services toward vendors.
However it makes diversification of products / vendor services, and impact workload in the procurement section, complexity of vendor management, and also vendors and products selection as well.
Especially in the domestic major company, Issues are increasing such as ?glack of contract management?h, ?gdifficult to choose the most suitable vendor?h.

Our End-to-End vendor management consulting improve procurement management capability, and the negotiations toward vendors.
By gathering procurement function and related management functions, it can intensive and utilize vendor information effectively such as expertise, performance, contract situation, price and discount rate.

    • I wander if the current vendor is the best for us?
    • Is the vendor cost worth to their actual performance?
    • It needs to consider if the current contract shall extend or cancell
  • Since increasing number of vendor contracts,
    • Too many meeting for vendor selection, negotiation and audit
    • It?fs hard to keep track responsible department and contract content..
    • We can not manage all contract management and quality management..
  • I would like to take actions
    • To improve vender?fs performance
    • Screening vendors and consolidate to number of vendors
    • optimum allocation of venders
  • Since outsourcing parties are diversifying now..
    • It?es hard to measure vender?fs performance
    • It?fs difficult to select right vendor
    • We can not evaluate the result of vendor?fs professional output

Recruiting Service
Global Personnel Dispatch Service

We address needs such as: "We want global staff who not only have language skills, but also excellent bilingual communication abilities, an understanding of our business, and global work ethic," or "We are searching for an executive or managerial candidate.h

  • With increased demand from our clients for dispatch and referral of consultant, project manager, coordinator who have bilingual and global culture skills with Japanese business understanding. We can refer a capable manager, program manager who could be a candidate for an executive or managerial position. We can also dispatch or refer talented personnel if you are looking to fill a position that requires strong global culture agility skill who can adjust gaps Japanese way to global culture way.
  • Our staff have global leader educations and excellent experiences in global company and can provide capabilities with your expected performance.

Specified worker dispatching license number: (Toku) 14-305779 Employee placement business:
Fee-charging employee placement business license number: 14-Yu-300929

Translation Service
Specialist of Technical document translation

  • GCes translations are not merely a conversion of languages. We express our experiences in technology business, and deliver qualified translation to convey apt quotations of technical explanation clearly.
  • Our translation service is provided by specialist who have back ground of technical engineer and technology manual creation in both of English and Japanese.
  • Technical documents are required the unification of coherent explanation between sentences. Our staff have technical skills for proofread, QC, DTP revise and provide the high quality for the documentation.
  • GCfs translations service provide appropriate proposal to meet customer requests such as delivery date, budget and words/documentation version management.